Want to contribute? Become an Arch City Ally.

The Arch City Allies program is your chance to get involved with Arch City Studio by publishing your own content on this platform right here! The Arch City Allies has tons of great benefits and is a fantastic resource for becoming involved in the creative community local to you right now. See how:

  • Collaborate: Want to work on something? The folks at Arch City Studio are willing to help. Sometimes we can provide manpower, sometimes we can give you a good start, and sometimes we can help you finish things off. When you submit articles to our blog, we’ll copy edit it and make sure it looks as professional as possible before you go and tell your mom you’re on the internet!
  • Connect: Do you need something Arch City can’t provide? Well, if we can’t, there’s a good chance we know someone who can! Even better, we’ll be glad to introduce you! Being an Arch City Ally means you’ll get to hear about new projects as they get started and see who needs help with what. When you start a new project, we’ll email your needs to our group as well.
  • Promote: One of the biggest advantages of being an Arch City Ally is that we will promote your projects on our site. As a content author, submit your work, we’ll review it, and if it fits our audience, style and needs, we’ll publish it! Being an Arch City Ally is a great way to get exposure as a blogger.
  • Consult: Ever started a blog? How about a website? An application? A business? Well, we have! And a lot of what we put into those projects, we are willing to share. We love helping creators. Besides semi-regular posts on tips and things we discover as we go along, we will specifically give advice on these things as requested. We have already helped several business people in the Columbus, Ohio area help establish, grow and promote their businesses.

What do I have to pay for all of this? Nothing! We do it for free! Arch City Studio is made up of a bunch of really helpful geeks. We want to help creators plug in to their local communities, so you should know up front that a lot of our work and services are targeted to the central Ohio area. That doesn’t mean we won’t help you if you live somewhere else (well, there may be a problem if you live in Michigan …), but please be aware that your particular, cool town isn’t our focus – for now (insert winky emoji).

Here’s the legal stuff. Please read this and continue on to join!

  1. Arch City Allies are not employed by Arch City Studio. That means we will never pay you for the work you submit to us. We also accept no liability for anything you publish. We try to filter stuff out, but if you slip something past us, any legal ramifications for that – including as a result of copyright infringement – is legally on you.
  2. Because we aren’t employing you, you own your content. Anything original you publish through our platform stays yours. You may choose to publish it elsewhere and do with it what you like. But we maintain the right to continue to host and publish in perpetuity the content you submit to us, so long as we published it within 30 days of your original submission.
  3. Also, since you own your own content, we will never try to publish your work outside of marketing ourselves and on our blog, plus associated linking through social media sites. Other than that, we won’t use your work in any other way.
  4. If we somehow slip up and use your content in a way that you don’t approve of, simply email us a request to remove your work and we will attempt to remove it within 30 days. However, if we are using it for the purposes mentioned in #3 above, we maintain the right to continue to use your work. That being said, we aren’t a-holes, so if you really don’t want us to display your work anymore, we’d err on the side of just doing what you want (insert smiley face emoji).
  5. Lastly, if you previously worked in a paid capacity for us, joining the Arch City Allies program nullifies any for-pay agreement we had with you where content publishing is concerned.

Okay! Ready to join? Fill this form out and we will respond with a link and further information to get you started!



693 thoughts on “Want to contribute? Become an Arch City Ally.

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