R-Rated Heroes: Dead Pool is just the new kid.


He’s irreverent, sassy, crass and the first R-Rated hero to hit the silver screens!
Except… that’s not quite true.  Actually, that’s not remotely true.
So, in case you forgot or just didn’t realize; here’s a list of 5 other movies that you should watch, if you enjoyed Dead Pool.


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How to FIX The Force Awakens

Ok. Allow me to start this article off by saying—I LOVED THE FORCE AWAKENS.

I thought it was fun, fresh and a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon.
I think it pays respect to the established world and characters while introducing and effortlessly handing over the franchise reigns to new characters.
The things that work REALLY well in the Force Awakens are the characters- their arcs, their development their interactions with each other, it’s all really really good cinema.  You believe their comradery, you root for their causes and want to see them succeed.

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