We Quit the Internet. We’ll Never Quit the Internet!

Soooooooo, this is kind of awkward. If you kick around our site at all, you’ve probably noticed it’s been … a little quiet. To the unaware outsider, it probably seems as if we’d made our internet millions and became wholly devoted to laying by the pool, piggies up, drinking fruity cocktails.

Well, we wish.

Instead, we’ve been hard at work! Because this is America (damn it!), a group of silly guys can only make so many dumb internet videos before they start to get noticed. Pretty soon, every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes out of the woodwork and wants you to make internet videos for *them* too! And websites. And flyers. And, strangely enough, 3d-modeled airplanes.

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Breaking Down the Newest Civil War Trailer – and Spider-Man!

We here at Arch City were blown away by the newest trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, due out in May. There was A LOT of action in there, so we cut it down frame-by-frame so you could get all the latest deets.

The trailer starts and we appear to be in some sort of ice-bound facility. Some nefarious-looking guards open a door and we see THE WINTER SOLDIER. But wait, last time we saw our buddy, the Winter Soldier, he was free and running around the world until the end of Ant-Man saw him caught in a machine. Is this a flashback to his original facility? Or is there something else going on here? Was he recaptured by Hydra and re-indoctrinated?

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How to FIX The Force Awakens

Ok. Allow me to start this article off by saying—I LOVED THE FORCE AWAKENS.

I thought it was fun, fresh and a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon.
I think it pays respect to the established world and characters while introducing and effortlessly handing over the franchise reigns to new characters.
The things that work REALLY well in the Force Awakens are the characters- their arcs, their development their interactions with each other, it’s all really really good cinema.  You believe their comradery, you root for their causes and want to see them succeed.

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Song of the Day: Senfsuck & The Couch King – Pray With Me

Of all the talented artists I find on SoundCloud (it’s pretty much my radio these days), nobody puts a smile on my face quite like The Couch King (aka Marquis Zane) and his multitude of collaborations.  I’m a pretty pessimistic guy.  When I listen to Couch King music, though, I suddenly wanna break into the running man dance, eat good-for-you foods like kale and perform yoga.  His music is seriously that fun.

Couch King brings out the good time soul that lives in every musician he comes in contact with.  On today’s offering, that musician is Senfsuck (aka jens grünbaum), a synth-pop extraordinaire whose candy coated bleeps and buzzes give this track a sense of gleeful urgency.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Pray With Me”.  Enjoy!