5 Comic Books (Without Superheroes) You Might See Adapted For TV Soon

It’s still strange to me that people can line up to see the latest Avengers flick, but still stigmatize people who read comic books. When a Harry Potter or Hunger Games movie arrived, it was a badge of honor to be carrying around a copy of the book or tell everyone you had it on your Kindle. When Spider-Man returns to theaters next year, just see how many people spend their lunch break at work poring over the latest issue. (Spoiler: Unless you work at a comic shop, you won’t see any.)

Well, like them or not, superheroes and the comics they come from are still going to be around. And that’s a good thing for you, because you probably like some of their movies! Even better, there are a lot of good comics that don’t even have superheroes in them! Ever heard of a little book called The Walking Dead? Well, if you’re wondering what the next great non-superhero comic book property to come to the big or small screen will be, you’re in luck! I’ve got five right here:

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140 thoughts on “5 Comic Books (Without Superheroes) You Might See Adapted For TV Soon

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