Buy These Gifts For Your Star Wars-Loving Loved Ones

There’s a lot of Star Wars merch out there. With the holidays – and The Force Awakens – approaching, we rounded up some of the best stuff we could find and put them in this handy blog format for you! Also, to make it extra handy for you, if you wanna buy this stuff, the pictures below will take you right to place to do it.

For Your Boyfriend

Star Wars Original Trilogy Posters

Original Trilogy Posters

Most bachelor pads are emptier than a Tatooine desert, but luckily a little wall art always does the trick. And while your boyfriend may not be down with you buying him a Joey Monsoon original, he *will* be cool with one of these awesome posters inspired by the original trilogy. Just do everyone a favor and have them framed for him already.

Price: $29.95 at ThisIsWhyI’mBroke

Star Wars Growler 64oz- Beer Growler with Star Wars Engraving- "Star Wars" Gift

Yoda 64oz Beer Growler

Everyone likes to have friends over and everyone pretty much likes beer. Guys love gifts with a utilitarian purpose, so why not help him pour out beer like Yoda pours out wisdom? This gift is sure to be a hit with his buddies, and for extra points, make sure it’s full of his favorite craft beer.

Price: $26.99 from Peerless Custom

For Your Girlfriend

Hood ViewJedi Hooded Cowl DressBack View

Jedi Hooded Cowl Dress

After The Force Awakens comes out and blows everyone’s mind, we’ll all turn our attention toward the next Star Wars film, Rogue One, coming out around Christmas 2016. The great thing about girlfriends is that they usually love to be involved in our fandom but, oftentimes, not too involved. This hooded dress is a great way to get your girlfriend involved as she waits in line to see The Force Awakens with you for the sixth time or just out on the street or even for a little – ahem – play acting as Rey. Just don’t mess up the measurements!

Price: $39.99 at ThinkGeek

R2-D2 Engagement RingR2-D2 Engagement Ring

R2-D2 Engagement Ring

Okay, we’re going out on a limb here, but we saw this and *had* to post it. If this Christmas is that special time, you’ll know you’re with the right lady if she says yes to this ring.

Price: Only $8,409 at DeMer Jewelry

For Your Brother

Star Wars Darth Vader ShowerheadStar Wars Darth Vader Showerhead

Darth Vader Showerhead

I have two brothers and the great thing about brothers is that I really don’t mind getting them a gift they really care all that much about. In fact, the funnier the gift, the better. If your brother is down with the SW, a Darth Vader showerhead is basically the *best* way to show your brother you care — about his hygiene. Plus, who doesn’t want to laugh about having a Darth Vader showerhead?

Price: $29.99 at ThisIsWhyI’mBroke

For Your Sister (Who’s Favorite Characters are the Ewoks and Jar Jar)

Star Wars R2-D2 C-3Po Ewok Terrarium Gift Set Collectible Memorabilia

Ewok Terrarium

My sister has pretty good taste. If she were a bigger Star Wars fan, I’d get her this, which brightens up a room and makes for a cute way to show off some love for the far away galaxy. The best part is, after the Force Awakens hype train departs, she’ll be able to keep up with the terrarium and redecorate it with whichever little things she likes for future hype trains coming.

Price: $49 at DoodleBirdie

For Your Teen Who’s Too Old For Jedi Training

Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

My teen is getting ready to drive, which means soon she’ll have her own car. And even though she’s too cool for just about everything – and liking Star Wars with her dad isn’t cool – some geek chic car accessories will help her ride become a favorite amongst her likewise too-cool friends.

Price: $20 at ThisIsWhyI’mBroke

For Your Youngling

BB-8 Desktop LampBB-8 Desktop Lamp Additional Image

BB-8 Lamp

So by now, you’re probably aware that this guy is going to basically own your children’s childhood and that’s fine because, well, he’s just so damn cute! This guy’s a little lamp who works great as a night light and is small enough to be portable. Plus, there’s basically no better way to indoctrinate your small children into the world of Star Wars than to have them staring at merch right up until that point they go to sleep.

Price: $39.99 at ThinkGeek

For Your Droid- and Other Tech-Loving Friend

Back ViewStar Wars Episode VII Star Destroyer BT Speaker

Star Destroyer Bluetooth Speaker

A great looking piece of fandom can really be a conversation starter when it’s proudly displayed in your living room. Even better, a functional piece of geekery can make your friends lose their mind. Why not make *your* friend lose her mind by buying her this speaker, which at a foot long is readily noticeable and capable of putting out enough sound to be the star of any Star Wars-themed party. Your friend won’t replace her awesome $1500 speakers with this, but she’s more likely to play it to impress her friends.

Price: $49.99 at ThinkGeek

For Your Geek-Flag Flying Friend

Star Wars Round Rugs Additional ImageImperial Detail

Star Wars Round Rugs

A lot of us have one (or six) of those friends who is a proud geek. This is the kind of guy who’s been repping the “geek is cool” mantra since before it was socially acceptable. He’s also the kind of guy who won’t mind decorating his pad top to bottom in geek accessories. One of these rugs will add character to a room in a way that posters never will.

Price: $39.99 at ThinkGeek

For Your Boss Who Thinks He’s Tarkin

Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Cufflinks Additional ImageStar Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Cufflinks

Darth Vader’s TIE Cufflinks

I’ve been a boss, so here’s a secret. Bosses want to be liked, but we *also* want to be feared. And what better way to help your boss out with that than to dress him up like an Imperial badass. And better yet, these are small enough that your boss might just try to get away with wearing them into the office, which’ll mean he’ll think of his awesome employee (you) everytime he wears them.

Price: $44.99 at ThinkGeek

For That Guy/Gal at the Office With the Cubicle Full of Star Wars Stuff

Star Wars Yoda Heat Change MugStar Wars Yoda Heat Change Mug Additional Image

Yoda Heat Change Mug

Buying things for people at the office can be tricky, but almost everyone drinks coffee or hot tea during the winter, making this mug the go-to gift for your work-wife or work-husband. It’s a little dorky, sure, but what the heck are coffee mugs at work for, if not that. Besides, this will sure beat the “I Hate Mondays” mug s/he’s drinking out of right now.

Price: $11.99 at ThinkGeek

For Your Galactic Neighbor

Imperial Cog Steel CoastersImperial Cog Steel Coasters

Imperial Coasters

If you have the kind of neighbors you can grab a beer with, set them up with these sweet icons of Imperial domination. Not only are they cool Star Wars gear, but they’re stylish and just hip enough to not look silly when those oh-so-meddlesome non-Star-Wars-loving other neighbors stop by too.

Price: $56 at ThisIsWhyI’mBroke

Stocking Stuffers

Magic The Gathering Death Star CardMagic The Gathering Death Star Card

Magic: The Gathering Death Star Card

This collectible card is non-regulation for the ever-popular, geek-friendly card game. But that doesn’t matter, the look is legit and enough non-Magic players know the game that this foil card will be a great show piece, perhaps framed on a wall as if it’s a Black Lotus.

Price: $10 at Alaskan Nerdery Supply

Stormtrooper Star Wars Cookie Cutter


It’s Christmas, so of course you should give cookies. Use these cookie cutters to perfectly shape them for your Force Awakens-themed celebrations. Even better, do like my girlfriend and make everyone you know a basket of cookies, leaving a cookie cutter for each as a little gift.

Price: $7.33 at Crimson Mane Creations

Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Christmas Ornaments Set of 4Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Christmas Ornaments Set of 4


The Force Awakens is only opening once. Commemorate perhaps the greatest Christmas of all time with these ornaments, and pass them out to your friends so they won’t forget it either!

Price: $39.75 for a set of 4 at Ebay

Now Buy This For Yourself

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by SpheroBB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero


It took approximately three seconds in the first Force Awakens trailer for people to fall in love with the newest Star Wars droid. Even better, BB-8 was a practical effect and you can own him! There’s no question that BB-8 will be the biggest toy this year. There’s one out there that’s really large and it’ll set you back five hundred credits. If you don’t have that kind of cash laying around this Christmas (who does?), this guy’s smaller, but cheaper and still every bit as fun.

Price: $149.99 at Brookstone

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