Geek Heartthrobs: 4 Awesome Ladies Who Totally Embrace Geek Culture

Back when I was a hip (not) kid growing up in the 80s and 90s, it wasn’t cool to be a geek. I guess I didn’t wear enough guyliner, ripped pants and flannel. Instead, I was holed up in my room slapping down Magic cards and writing up missions for my roleplaying games. Sigh, those were the days.

But that certainly isn’t the case anymore! Not only is it cool to be geeky, but for the guys out there, it’s never been a better time to be on the dating scene. Even better, girls don’t only date geeks, but they wave their own geek flags proudly. Here’s four awesome ladies who do it better than most:

Marie Doll

The Crush: Maria Ramos AKA Mariedoll

Mariedoll is a professional cosplayer and convention goer who has dressed up as a wide variety of characters. From Street Fighter to Scooby Doo to various superheroes, Mariedoll hasn’t shied away from taking on any character. The curvy lady is particularly known for taking characters formerly thought of as, well, let’s just say “frumpy” and turning them into real heartthrobs. And that’s why Marie Doll makes this list.

There are *a lot* of really great and crush-worthy cosplayers out there for geeky guys to spend their internet-browsing hours on. But Mariedoll takes the cake by being one of the most versatile of all of them, and for being a true nerd at heart. Most cosplayers wouldn’t dream of dressing up as Betty Rubble or Velma, but Mariedoll handles both with style. She’s also a real geek. She plays video games in her spare time, loves the movie Labyrinth, and lists pizza and beer as her great ‘guilty pleasures’.

The Gamer: Rumay ‘Hafu’ Wang

You ever want to sit on your couch and play video games with your girlfriend? Gentlegeeks, meet Rumay. Unlike a lot of girlfriends, she loves games and geeks (and is also not imaginary). She’s a professional videogamer, playing World of Warcraft, Bloodline, and, more recently, Hearthstone. But you better not mind losing, because Rumay knows her games, having won over $15,000 in numerous tournaments.

eSports as a whole is on the rise, in Asia in particular. South Korea and Japan both give a lot of attention to eSports athletes, but it hasn’t really caught on in most of the rest of the world yet. Also, despite the fact that men have no in-born talent advantage over women when it comes to playing video games, it is surprising that there are so few female eSports players, especially given that over 50% of gamers are girls. Given the low level of attention paid to eSports, Rumay can keep to herself even though she’s a superstar in that realm. If you want to see more of her and learn what really makes her tick, you can follow her on twitch.

The Queen: Oni Hartstein

Oni Hartstein is a convention creator and manager. She’s particularly known for her convention, Intervention, which centers around DIY, indie and technology artists. This geek-embracing gal not only supports geek culture from an executive standpoint, she also has lived the geek life for her entire time on this planet. After having been abandoned by her birth parents, Oni found a home in geek culture.

“Art, and the geek community, has been there for me my entire life. Intervention is my way of giving back to the community that was there for me.”

If creating and running conventions isn’t enough geek cred for you, well, Oni is also a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. One of lher other conventions, (Re)Generation, is a Doctor Who convention for all ages. It seems regardless of your geek interest, there’s a good chance that Ms. Hartstein is cooking something up that will grab your attention!

The Star: Katee Sackhoff

Many geeks know Katee from her time on TV’s Battlestar Galactica, but her geek culture cred runs much, much deeper! She’s voice acted in Halo 3, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Robot Chicken. Even more amazingly, Katee recently featured in the viral internet short film, Power/Rangers, a hard-edged “reboot” of the 90s show.

Katee is also quite active on Facebook, where she shares her struggles with chocolate and promotes the things that are close to her heart. While numerous stars play superheroes in movies, voice act for games and television shows, and show up for conventions, none do it to the degree that Miss Sackhoff does it!

Anyway, that’s my exploration of four very awesome women in geek culture. There were so many amazing, geeky girls on the internet that I could’ve written a dozen posts on it! If you enjoyed this exploration of geek culture and want to see more, please share this article on Facebook and come on over to our page and leave a comment!

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