How Does Negan Affect Glenn’s Future on the Walking Dead?

Ok, so as most of you probably know, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Comedian himself) was cast as Negan for the Walking Dead.

What you may not know is that Negan is one of the BIGGEST bad guys the comic has ever seen. He is the leader of a group of survivors from Washington DC known as “the Saviors”, but Jesus Christ they ain’t.


The Saviors subjugate other communities in the area for resources in return for their protection against zombies– they’re essentially post-apocalyptic mobsters.

In the comics, Rick and his crew play nice with Negan and the Saviors – at first. Negan eventually demands that Rick and friends sacrifice half of their supplies to the Saviors. He also takes most of the women in his group as wives and demands loyalty and considers himself something of a king. Negan carries around a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille….


The-Walking-Dead1Yeah. He’s a sociopath. MORE so than any of the previous baddies on TWD.

So what does this all have to do with Glenn and his recent “alleged” demise?

Well– (spoiler alert)

negan_lucille-the-walking-dead-99-chance-negan-will-arriveGlenn meets his maker at the hands of Negan.  This is a MAJOR moment in the comics, perhaps one of the biggest in its entire run so far.

Negan plays whack-a-mole with Glenn’s head using Lucile.

Now, I can’t imagine the producers of the Walking Dead denying fans this truly spectacular (and terrible) moment.  Not to mention that I don’t think it’s any secret that Genn’s “death” is at this point speculative.

Between set images that show upcoming character “Jesus” and Glenn sharing scenes, comments from showrunner Scott Gimple that ambiguously imply we’ll see Glenn again and the fact that other “less important” characters got much better sendoffs– My opinion is, we’ll see Glenn and Lucille have that deadly dance next season.

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