How Muppet Babies Introduced me to Star Wars

ok-  it’s 1984.  You sit down with a bowl of cap’n crunch in front of the TV on a Saturday morning.

After watching some Masters of the Universe and GI Joe (y’know–  big kid cartoons), MUPPET BABIES comes on.
Yeah I know, it’s a cartoon show about baby versions of puppets…  but you know what?   This show kinda rocked!  Muppet Babies spent entire episodes homaging things like Star Trek and Indiana Jones.

But on this particular Saturday Morning, the episode that aired was “Gonzo’s Video Show”.
In the episode the Muppets borrow their Nanny’s camcorder and make movies.  hqdefault

At first they can’t quite settle on what to make, but about half way through the episode they decide to make STAR WARS.

Now–  Some people saw A NEW HOPE in theaters in 1977, for other it was EMPIRE, and others it was JEDI (and for a very unlucky bunch their introduction to Star Wars was via the sequels).

But for me, my introduction to Star Wars was THIS episode of Muppet Babies, and to be completely honest– I LOVED it!

muppetstarwars1It’s fairly common knowledge that the Muppets have had a connection to Star Wars pretty much from the beginning.  Jim Henson provided puppets for quite a few creatures through out the Trilogy and most famously created Yoda (voiced by Muppets allum Frank Oz).

Mark Hamill even appeared on the Muppet Show!


But- I’ll always look to Muppet Babies as the thing that popped my proverbial Star Wars cherry.


(jump to the 8 min mark)

Thanks Jim, for making a cool show!

137 thoughts on “How Muppet Babies Introduced me to Star Wars

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