Worth Streaming? Jessica Jones is Marvel’s Latest Hurdle, Hits Netflix This Week, Plus Jurassic World on DVD

It seems like every time Marvel comes out with something new, people ask, “Will this be Marvel’s first big flop?” Despite surprise hits (Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevil) and some mediocre-but-still-okay offerings (Agents of SHIELD, Peggy Carter), everyone is waiting to see what happens when Marvel finally gets a direct punch in the gut. (Forget the fact that Incredible Hulk began the Marvel era with a gut punch.) Jessica Jones is just the latest in a line of tests to see if Marvel’s magic is wearing off. Everyone will get to see it drop on November 20th.

Jessica Jones (Streaming)

The Breakdown: I’m a Marvel fan, having grown up in the 90s practically pumping X-Men and Spider-Man directly into my veins via Fox tv shows. But even I’ve never bothered with Jessica Jones, a Johnny-come-lately heroine (or is that Jessica-come-lately?) who I’m told was decently popular in the 2000s. Whatever. I’m still anxious/excited to see if this latest entry into the Marvel universe grabs me and pulls me in the way Daredevil did. After all, I was never an Ant-Man fan either, and that film was good enough to hold me for two hours.

Worth Streaming? It’s tough to say, as I mentioned above. Everyone I think wants to see Marvel stumble, but I have a feeling it won’t. Early reviews say this is perhaps Marvel’s most adult fare (something people are also looking for) and there’s no reason to think it won’t be at least solid entertainment.

Jurassic World (DVD)

The Breakdown: Largely as an homage to the original, this film takes place in an actual, functioning Jurassic Park and things go haywire when dinosaurs get loose. If that seems trite and a little too been-there-done-that, you’ll be pleased to know that the film’s format is fresh enough with a fun performance by Chris Pratt and new park owner, Irrfan Khan.

Worth Ordering? If you didn’t catch this in theaters, you definitely need to put this on your DVD queue and get ready for a fun ride. If you are like the millions of others who went out and saw it in theaters, it might be worth another watch if you’ve got a nice size screen and some good speakers. If you have those, though, you probably oughta just buy it.

Our Score: B-

Rotten Tomatoes: 71% | IMDB: 7.1 | Metacritic: 59

Otherwise available: River (streaming), a well-regarded film about an American volunteer who becomes a target after intervening in a sexual assault; Paper Towns (DVD), another film based on Fault in Our Stars author John Green.


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