Arch City Studio is proud to work with a variety of the top professionals in central Ohio. Combining years of experience in business and media, Arch City Studio's partners focus on creating dynamic, original content through their own platforms and for our extensive list of clients.

Wendy Tressler Jasper

Chief Operating Officer

A graduate of the University of Toledo with a degree in the arts, Wendy is the shadowy operative who keeps the team together. A natural redhead, all of the other team members know better than to cross her.

Witness her power with a click!

Brian Jasper

Web Designer & Developer

Brian became Arch City Studio's "web guy" only after coming out victorious in a 50-person death match. His finishing move is coded in HTML5 and CSS3.

See Brian's attack moves here.

Chris Garbe

Graphic Designer

Once a year, during the fourth full moon, exactly at midnight, if you wish on a shooting star, Chris will appear and design for all of your branding and marketing needs.

Raise a wand and make a wish.

James King

Game Designer & Developer

The circus in which James was raised taught him that games were the only access to the tiger-and-elephant-free world he craved. After many attempts, he finally created the singular experience which helped him to escape the clown makeup and body cannons of his youth.

Let James entertain you over here.

Jason Moody

Illustrator and Animator

Jason is a mostly self-taught animator and illustrator from the depths of Mordor, where he was chained up and forced to draw, often for days on end. He admits he kind of enjoyed it.

See Jason's scrawl over here.

Justin Greathouse

Visual Effects Artist

Justin is from the year 2342, when visual effects are seen everywhere as part of the apocalyptic ruin. He is an award-winning FX artist, which is kind of unfair since everything he produces are just memories from his dilapidated childhood.

Justin hides his work in this spot.

Mark Fitzpatrick

3D Artist

Shunned for his super-powered abilities since birth, Mark's isolation forced him to create his own friends out of the 3d software he found in the wild. He still prefers it to real people.

Meet Mark's friends by clicking over here.

Michael Threloff

Front End Developer

Don't let the close-up fool you. Mike is a three-inch tall sprite from the billowy hills of Scotland. Despite his tiny size, he is an able developer, using his entire body to leap from key to key while coding.

Find Mike's pot of gold under this rainbow.

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