My Favorite Marvel Characters From My Childhood I Now Want to See on Netflix

After the blisteringly awesome Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix, there were of course the calls for characters such as Punisher and Elektra to get their own series. I would not hazard my own life (and act against my own interests) by arguing against either show. But I did get to thinking about my introduction to Marvel heroes, and it all happened in the 1990s thanks to some incredible sets of collectible trading cards. I won’t bore you here with more details (you have Google for that), but I did want to reach into the way back machine and ponder: which of my obscure childhood favorites would make a good Netflix show today?

Spider-Man 2099

As a kid, I loved all things Spider-Man. That included his spinoff, future-set version in Marvel’s 2099 line. Miguel O’Hara, the 2099 Spidey, would work on TV in so many ways. First, the show would have a distinctly sci-fi feel to it thanks to it being in the future. Also, none of the studio people would have to worry at all about possibility of something in 2099 affecting the hulking giant that is the MCU. A 2099 series could also feature several other characters who showed up, like Doom and Punisher, and all of it would remain nicely in its own Marvel television niche.

Ghost Rider

It’s been said that a Ghost Rider show would demand a budget much too high for Netflix’s taste. That may be true, but only if the showrunners don’t pay attention to what makes Daredevil so great: all the action in the world doesn’t compare to the fascinating characters interacting and each developing their own stories. Ghost Rider wouldn’t have to flame on more than a few minutes each episode (outside of key battles) and we could still get a quality story with elements of the occult. This is particularly needed now with the introduction of Doctor Strange and, soon, Iron Fist into the MCU.


Okay, hear me out. Yes, She-Hulk is kind of a silly character. She isn’t demonstrably different in powers from the Hulk and she isn’t a mainstay in the MCU. Her recent comic reboot (which didn’t last long, btw) did take a look at her from another angle. If you’ve watched Daredevil and/or Jessica Jones, you know that lawyers are already playing a huge part on the street-level MCU. She-Hulk is also an attorney, so she’d fit right in. On top of that, having her in a Netflix series gives the TV shows a Hulk of their own to throw at bad guys, and who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Night Thrasher and the New Warriors

A really obscure one here, Night Thrasher was a powerless street vigilante who wore armor which looked a lot like sports gear. With a wealthy foundation behind him, he was still a poor, poor, REALLY poor man’s Batman. But I don’t look at him like that. To me, he’s more of a Casey Jones – a superhero for the streets but without the Ninja Turtles. Instead, he formed his own crew, the New Warriors, who could work on TV as their own misfit hero family. This show could maybe work like an action comedy of sorts, with a bunch of lower level superheroes finding their footing while experiencing Kick-Ass levels of trouble.

Cloak & Dagger

A pair of heroes representing the light and dark, respectively, the original version of these heroes got their powers from experimental narcotics. That’s right, kids, don’t do drugs. But rather than having a movie with heroes who become powerful through drug use, I’d say they should opt for the Ultimate Marvel Universe version of the two, where they got their powers from the same company who ended up creating Spider-Man. Whatever is chosen, Cloak & Dagger have always been street-level heroes, so they’d fit in great with Netflix’s other heroes.

Moon Knight

Recently rebooted in the comics (before All New, All Different Marvel kicked off), Moon Knight might be the best character to adapt to a television show. He’s sort of like Batman but with a serious personality disorder. Moon Knight may or may not be visited regularly by Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Night, who has charged him with protecting those out in the evenings. Daredevil has shown us a show can work with a lot of darkness, and playing with the idea of whether Moon Knight is crazy or not can go a long way in a television series.


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