The Top 10 EU Characters We Want to See in the New Star Wars Films

January 2014 is a month that will live in (many) Star Wars fan’s mind as a time of infamy. Starting that year off, Disney announced they would be removing most of the previous two decades’ worth of Star Wars material from the canon, or official record of the Star Wars universe. Books, games, comics, all alike were being cut out to make room for new Star Wars stories told under the Disney banner.

But fans can rejoice because almost just as immediately, it became clear that new Star Wars stories could borrow or dip into the old EU for characters and stories for inspiration. Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series certainly did this, and species and planets which appeared in the EU continue to pop up in the new canon.

With a new trilogy of Skywalker-focused films coming and even more Star Wars stories coming out in the intervening years, the time is ripe for many characters to make their film debut. Here are the top 10 old EU characters we want to see make a reappearance in the new films:

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