Interview with Music Producer: Couch King

We’ve expanded our wings here at Arch City Studio to now include audio interviews of movers and shakers of our post-modern world.  For our first interview, music producer/songwriter, Couch King (aka: Marquis Zane) chats with us from sunny Santa Cruz about making music on his lunch break, collaborating with musicians all around the world, marketing for online music, the universal consciousness and how he makes his music so damn…fun!

Even if you’re not into music, you’re bound to find this guy pretty interesting.


Song of the Day: Senfsuck & The Couch King – Pray With Me

Of all the talented artists I find on SoundCloud (it’s pretty much my radio these days), nobody puts a smile on my face quite like The Couch King (aka Marquis Zane) and his multitude of collaborations.  I’m a pretty pessimistic guy.  When I listen to Couch King music, though, I suddenly wanna break into the running man dance, eat good-for-you foods like kale and perform yoga.  His music is seriously that fun.

Couch King brings out the good time soul that lives in every musician he comes in contact with.  On today’s offering, that musician is Senfsuck (aka jens grünbaum), a synth-pop extraordinaire whose candy coated bleeps and buzzes give this track a sense of gleeful urgency.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Pray With Me”.  Enjoy!