Star Wars.

It’s an interesting phenomenon. It’s birthed multiple generations of fans and along with that, varying nostalgias.

For some, it’s the Original Trilogy that takes them back to their childhood where they’re running around with a flashlight and fittingly forcing their little sister to be Princess Leia.

For others, it’s the Prequels, which is (believe it or not) not all that far from being 2 decades old itself. If you were six when the Phantom Menace came out—you are now 22, either finishing up college or starting out in your career, and you have an entirely different experience and nostalgia with Star Wars than a 40 year old.

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The Top 10 EU Characters We Want to See in the New Star Wars Films

January 2014 is a month that will live in (many) Star Wars fan’s mind as a time of infamy. Starting that year off, Disney announced they would be removing most of the previous two decades’ worth of Star Wars material from the canon, or official record of the Star Wars universe. Books, games, comics, all alike were being cut out to make room for new Star Wars stories told under the Disney banner.

But fans can rejoice because almost just as immediately, it became clear that new Star Wars stories could borrow or dip into the old EU for characters and stories for inspiration. Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series certainly did this, and species and planets which appeared in the EU continue to pop up in the new canon.

With a new trilogy of Skywalker-focused films coming and even more Star Wars stories coming out in the intervening years, the time is ripe for many characters to make their film debut. Here are the top 10 old EU characters we want to see make a reappearance in the new films:

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Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord (or, Your Childhood Is Officially Ruined)

Fan theories are one of the most enjoyable ways in which people can interact with the properties they love. The Pixar Theory is perhaps the most well known, connecting all of the Pixar movies together through sometimes tenuous logic. But make way for a new master fan theory – and one that may prove right when we see The Force Awakens in December – because Huffington Post’s Rob Conery has just published his own theory: that Luke Skywalker turned to the Dark Side in Return of the Jedi. He bases his theory on the following:

  • Yoda tells Luke that if he leaves his training early, he will “become an agent of evil.” Luke then responds by immediately leaving.
  • When Luke shows up at Jabba’s Palace at the beginning of RotJ, he looks like a Sith, Force chokes some fools like a Sith, and talks like a Sith. He even threatens to destroy Jabba and summarily does it. This is a bit similar to his daddy, Anakin, going to kill the Tusken Raiders on Tatooine after he finds his mother killed.
  • Just as Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side hinged on his love for Amidala, so Luke’s fall occurs when Vader threatens his sister; if Luke won’t join the Dark Side, maybe his sister will? We never find out because Luke does indeed come out of hiding, turn all Sithly, and cuts Vader down.

Conery describes more evidence much more in depth and you should definitely click the link above and read through the whole thing. It’s a lot of fun. Here’s my take on the theory: it makes Star Wars a lot better. If, and it’s a big “if” at this point, Luke *did* fall to the Dark Side, what does this mean for the Force Awakens? Let’s examine.

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