Song of the Day: Senfsuck & The Couch King – Pray With Me

Of all the talented artists I find on SoundCloud (it’s pretty much my radio these days), nobody puts a smile on my face quite like The Couch King (aka Marquis Zane) and his multitude of collaborations.  I’m a pretty pessimistic guy.  When I listen to Couch King music, though, I suddenly wanna break into the running man dance, eat good-for-you foods like kale and perform yoga.  His music is seriously that fun.

Couch King brings out the good time soul that lives in every musician he comes in contact with.  On today’s offering, that musician is Senfsuck (aka jens grünbaum), a synth-pop extraordinaire whose candy coated bleeps and buzzes give this track a sense of gleeful urgency.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Pray With Me”.  Enjoy!




Song of the Day: Squarepusher – Red Hot Car

A friend gave me an album back in the summer of 2001 and my musical life has never been the same since. That album was “Go Plastic” and the album creator was Tom Jenkinson, more commonly known as Squarepusher. He was ahead of his time:  glitch before glitch was cool, drops before drops were cool, vocal chopping before…well…you get the point.  Failing to put Squarepusher into a neat little electronic label like house or trance, he was even given his own genre:  Drill ‘n Bass.  (yes, that’s really what it was called).

I think the most amazing thing about Squarepusher, however, has to be the fact that he created this music with hardware.  Yes, hardware.  Nowadays, any 12 year old with a cracked version of Fruity Loops can drop in a canned drum loop and run an effect on it that will ‘glitch it up’ all in a matter of seconds.  One can imagine a sweaty Tom Jenkinson in his cramped Essex bedroom studio painstakingly going over fader runs and knob twiddles for days straight.  The results are organic but oh so mysterious. Andre 3000 knows what I’m talking about.

The track that I present to you today is “Red Hot Car”,  the lead track off of “Go Plastic”.  It is in many ways the perfect Squarepusher track to me:  bold, unpredictable, and oddly catchy.   I can only hope that you find it as wonderful and refreshing as I still do.

P.S. See if yo can figure out what the lyrics are without googling them.