We Quit the Internet. We’ll Never Quit the Internet!

Soooooooo, this is kind of awkward. If you kick around our site at all, you’ve probably noticed it’s been … a little quiet. To the unaware outsider, it probably seems as if we’d made our internet millions and became wholly devoted to laying by the pool, piggies up, drinking fruity cocktails.

Well, we wish.

Instead, we’ve been hard at work! Because this is America (damn it!), a group of silly guys can only make so many dumb internet videos before they start to get noticed. Pretty soon, every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes out of the woodwork and wants you to make internet videos for *them* too! And websites. And flyers. And, strangely enough, 3d-modeled airplanes.

Like the good internet citizens we are, we consulted the Cats and they nodded in approval. We went hard to work and produced some really cool stuff. Truth is, we’re still producing cool stuff! What does that mean for you, fair visitor of our small, admittedly-kind-of-messy corner of the internet? It means you’ll have to be slightly patient with us while we update our site BECAUSE WE WANT TO GIVE YOU MORE COOL STUFF. What are we going to give you?

Blogs. The blogging don’t stop just because the music changed. We’ll still be talking about movies and other stuff related to nerd culture. And we’ll be excited to announce new and improved guest blogger channels.

Videos. Geek ‘n Stein will never die!

Tutorials. Ever wanted to make your own geeky stuff? We’ll tell you how! From websites to Sith Lord-inspired pumpkins, we’ll show you the secrets to obeying the great cat overlords of the internet.

Wallpapers. We’re fans. You’re fans. We make internet wallpapers for your enjoyment. In fact, if you’re a real fan, here’s one now!


Work. Maybe the biggest change you’ll see here is a regular featuring of the work we’re creating. We started Arch City Studio because we wanted to work with the coolest, most creative people in Columbus. This meant artists, programmers, and musicians, but it also means entrepreneurs, thinkers, volunteers, and everyone else who makes our community great. And because this is the internet, we are spreading our wings outside of Columbus for a chance to produce really, really, really great stuff. Don’t worry, we’ll still be actively working in and with our community, we’ll just be doing it better than ever and bringing more experience than ever to it.

It’s at this point that I badly want to tell you some of the awesome stuff we’re doing and about to do, but all good things in time, my friend. All good things in time …

In the meantime, keep checking back, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Insta, and be prepared for the big changes to come.


Dem Arch City Boys

47 thoughts on “We Quit the Internet. We’ll Never Quit the Internet!

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